The current chairperson of East End Phoenix FC is James Mabbutt, who was elected in July 2016.

The responsibilities of the Chairperson include:

i. Providing overall leadership and direction for the Club and overseeing future direction/strategy.

ii. To chair the Club AGM and Committee Meetings and to facilitate dispute resolution amongst individual members.

iii. To serve as the Club spokesperson to press/media, to be the public face of the Club.

iv. To actively pursue appropriate publicity opportunities and to develop strategic partnerships with initiatives, campaigns and community organisations.

v. Explore revenue and sponsorship opportunities and to lobby potential sponsors and supporting agencies.

vi. To oversee recruitment/retention strategy for Club membership. To act as a first point of contact with the Club for prospective members.

vii. To protect and develop the Club identity/brand, including Logo, Team Colours, mission statement and fonts.

viii. Updating and maintaining the Club website on a regular basis, inviting and commissioning content from individual members. Ensuring quality of website experience/interactivity is of a high standard

ix. Developing a multimedia resource bank of Club photos/videos to act as a Club archive and uploading selected multimedia on the club website.

x. Overseeing the design and ordering of the official Club kit, in consultation with the Club Committee. Ensuring that all members have been provided with suitable kit and that replacements or additional numbers can be sourced.

xi. To keep a list of active referees and to arrange bookings for applicable matches in consultation with the Team Manager

xii. To act as a co-signatory on the Club account/chequebook.

The chairperson can be contacted at the following e-mail address: