The responsibilities of the Club Secretary include:

i. To communicate upcoming training, match and social events to the club membership in a timely and clear manner.

ii. To formulate and upkeep a club calendar which is easily accessible by the club membership.

iii. Maintaining an up to date record of current club membership and player contact details.

iv. To edit and publish a regular club communication (bulletin, newsletter or other) informing members of achievements, features and upcoming events

v. To call one Committee meeting per financial quarter and one AGM per financial year, giving at least fourteen (14) and twenty-one (21) days’ notice respectively.

vi. To solicit, compile and set agenda items for each Committee meeting, in consultation with other Committee members.

vii. To record minutes at all official Club meetings, keeping a minutes record and distributing approved minutes amongst the full Club membership after each Committee meeting or AGM.

viii. Officiating and acting as Returning Officer at AGM Committee elections

ix. To Act as a co-signatory on the Club account/ Chequebook.

x. To Coordinate all Committee-Member communications and distribute practical information amongst members.

xi. To act as official contact between the Club and affiliated leagues and governing associations (LUL, IGLFA, GFSN)

xii. Maintain Club affiliation and League membership