The responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

i. Receiving and banking all Club monies.

ii. Keeping an accurate book of accounts to enable regular control of financial balances and outstanding debts.

iii. Checking and balancing bank statements with account balances as received.

iv. Drawing cheques, getting signatures and to dispatch payments when due.

v. Distributing blank ‘Transaction slips’ and to ensure their use and detailed completion by Club officials when lodging or claiming monies.

vi. Ensuring all account entries have verification documents (invoices, Transaction Slips etc.) and that they are cross-referenced and filed in such a way as to provide a clear audit trail.

vii. Preparing forward financial appraisals to give early warning of the Club’s financial viability.

viii. Reporting at each Committee meeting on the current financial position of the Club and its ability to absorb proposed expenditure. Also to report on outstanding monies due from members and pursue their settlement.

ix. To ensure that Sponsors’ contributions are correctly reflected in the accounts when direct purchases of strips etc. are made.

x. To present an end of year financial report at the AGM